College Student Purchase Program

Higher Degree of Savings Program

Ford College Student Rebate Overview

To be eligible for the college student purchase discount program, local students must meet one of the following requirements. If you find that you are not eligible for the student discount program, you may be eligible for the first-time buyer program

Currently Enrolled College/Trade School Students

  • The student is enrolled Full-time or Half-time based on the specifications of an accredited Four-Year College/University, Junior College, Community College, or Trade School that the student is attending. 

Active Graduate Students

  • The student is currently enrolled based on the specifications of an accredited Graduate School program. 

Recent College Graduates

  • The student has graduated and is within two (2) years of graduation. For example, if students graduate on May 6, 2023 – they will be eligible until May 31, 2025.

High School Seniors or Recent High School Graduates 

The Ford College, Student Purchase Program, is open to high school seniors and recent graduates. Eligible students must have: 

  • Completed all requirements for graduation to qualify using an anticipated or future graduation date and can provide a Letter of Intent to attend a qualified university. 
  • College Student Internships Participants, Trade School Apprenticeships, and Medical Student residencies now qualify with some restrictions. 

Proof of Eligibility for the Ford Student Discount

Eligible students must provide proof of eligibility and a printed certificate from Students and their families should also bring along one of the following documents displaying the student’s full name and the school name:  

  • Copy of College/University Diploma
  • Copy of Final Transcript
  • Letter from College/University/Trade School Registrar’s office stating conferred graduation date and type of degree earned
  • Dated letter of intent confirming enrollment – valid for no more than six (6) months
  • Current class schedule

Ford College Student Discount Purchase Program Restrictions

The Ford Rebate program for college students does have some restrictions. These restrictions ensure that students are ready to invest in a new vehicle. Restrictions include: 

  • The rebate is only available on new Ford models up to F-550
  • Vehicles must be for Personal Use Only

Ineligible Student Categories:

  • Those students enrolled less than half-time based on the specifications of an accredited College/University/Trade School
  • One-course completion certificates
  • On-the-job training courses (e.g., sales training, teaching certificates, professional designations, and adult education courses)
  • English as a second language courses do not qualify 

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Find the program details at a glance below:

CSSP Program Details

  • Eligibility extends to three years past graduation date
  • Graduates of 4-year programs receive Tier 0
  • Graduates of 2-year programs/trade schools receive Tier 1
  • Current students receive Tier 1
  • Available on Ford models up to F-550 and all Lincoln models
  • Retail or Lease; Standard or Subvented; All eligible terms
  • Tiers 0-4; Personal Use Only
  • A/X/Z/D Plan eligible

Guaranteed Approval Criteria

Applicants meeting Criteria Receive approval at Tier 0 Rate

  • Graduates of 4-year programs only
  • Maximum 22% payment to income
  • No prior repossessions or open bankruptcies
  • Maximum advance is the lower of MSRP or $50,000
  • New Ford models only
  • Tier 0 – 4 only
  • Minimum 620 FICO Score for all contract participants
  • One unit per customer

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*Program #38652: $750 Exclusive Cash Reward on a purchase or a $500 Exclusive Cash Reward on a lease for current college students and recent college graduates on eligible new 2022/2023/2024 model year Ford Bronco® Sport, Ecosport®, Escape®, Edge®, Mustang®, Ranger®, Maverick® or F-150®. Must take new retail delivery from an authorized Ford Dealer’s stock by 1/2/24. This incentive is not available on Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500®, Mustang Mach 1, Mustang Mach-E®, Bronco, Ford GT, F-150 Raptor® or F-150 Lightning®. May not be used with other Ford private or commercial offers. Limit of 5 new eligible vehicle purchases or leases. U.S. residents only. Ford reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue this program at any time. See your authorized Ford Dealer for qualifications and complete details.